A black rat snake brought to the bow weekend retreat. That's me sitting anxiously in the chair. Believe it or not I held him for about two or three minutes after this photo was taken. I could feel his tongue tickling my arm and later he climbed along my right arm and was up near my head. He even went to my waist to peek behind me when I said, "Okay, you can take him now!" So proud I tried something new. Pushed past my fear to hold such a delicate creature.

Thank you to those who tried to identify my photograph Red. The winner of the free download was Rose Swalls from her blogs: Pics & Pieces and Time Stand Still. The name of the plant was a wahoo bush.


Kay said...

Oh gracious! Oh goodness! Wow! You are terrific!

Travis Cody said...

I couldn't have done that. Not even for money.