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red fox

Sharing this red fox with Good Fences. I spotted him while taking one of my 365 photos. He was a surprise so I wasn't sure I'd get a good shot off. I just kept clicking away as he ran off. As you can tell he was a good distance away in this photo. But, he was kind enough to look straight into my camera.


canadian geese

Last Sunday, Jan 11th, I spotted these Canadian Geese in a field just below our church. Looking closely you can see one with its head cocked trying to figure out where I am. Sharing this photo with Nature Notes...


white bull

In my last Saturday Critters I shared a donkey and two miniature horses. Today I'm sharing a white bull that lives down the road from us. He wasn't quite sure what to think about my daughter and I being outside his fence line. A time or two he acted as if he would charge us. Instead he stood his ground. Isn't he a beautiful creature? Happy weekend to all Saturday Critter bloggers.


tureky vultures

Just a few of the many turkey vultures waiting their turn to eat. Unfortunately there was a dead deer alongside the road and they were feasting on her. They were a beautiful sighting despite the circumstances. Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday...


Saturday Critters

I took the images above the same day as I snapped porTREEture. I coudn't resist their muddy faces/ bodies. We'd had a hard rain the day before and I'm guessing they played in the mud a bit afterwards. The donkey didn't like my presence as he E-hawed at me approaching the fence. I tried to give him a handful of grass to eat and he didn't go for that either, but... I did get to pet his face before he walked away from the fence. The black & brown ponies are miniatures. Hope you enjoyed my Saturday Critters this morning. Happy weekend~



Another beautiful sunrise this morning. Love the way the rays shoot out like that. Day 9 of my 365 photo challenge...



Early Morning Sunrise... day 8 of my 365 photo challenge...

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