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Red Bellied Woodpecker

Spotted this red bellied woodpecker at our local nature preserve last week. He was foraging for food in a different area than the northern flicker. I think he's trying to listen to the click of my camera, don't you think? Happy Wild Bird Wednesday...


Purple Dead Nettle

Purple Dead Nettle is an invasive plant (weed) that's scrawled across fields here making for a beautiful scene as far as your eye can see. I spotted this one at the nature preserve last week. It's a herbaceous flowering plant whose flowers and leaves are edible. Purple dead nettle also attracts bees who take the nectar from its flowers for food. It can easily be mistaken for Henbit whose flowers and leaves are similar to those of the purple dead nettle.

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Sunday Sketches_bighorn sheep

The January 2014 issue of Popular Photography had a bighorn sheep on it's cover. He was the inspiration for Sunday Sketches. I tried to find a link for the cover photo but couldn't so I'm posting part of the cover below for comparison only...


Northern Flicker

Spotted this northern flicker at our local nature preserve Tuesday. Happy Weekend~

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Random 5 Friday

1. Cleaned and filled all my bird feeders with a variety of different seed, fruit, nuts and suet yesterday. Got some trees and shrubs soil to place around my young trees because the ground settled around them to much this winter. Since losing three of my young trees I also went searching for some replacement trees.

2. Tuesday night my family and I went to see God's Not Dead with a friend from church and her family. Had a great time... great movie.

3. I've long been in search of a good photography app to add text to my photos.Today I bought Path On. It allows you to draw a straight line on , circle around or a line over your image and then type your words. From what I've been able to assess it's easy to use and you can adjust the font size, color, spacing and shadow among other things.

4. Received the nicest gift from a dear church friend and her family last Sunday. They bought me a cd Devotions with Priscilla by Priscilla Shirer and a book Jesus Lives by Sarah Young. i've already loaded my cd onto my ipod so i can listen anytime day or night and I plan to read my book after finishing Praying for Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton. Praying for Purpose is the best prayer book I've read. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to grow closer to God in prayer.

5. Made plans with hubby for our family to see the play Duck Hunter Shoots Angel next Friday. It's performing at our local opera house downtown. 

Here's a link to Random 5 Friday if you'd like to follow along...


Circled Openings

Tuesday I needled my way around the nature preserve's pond of screaming frogs protesting my presence and entered the woods. There a red bellied woodpecker foraging for food posed for my camera.  I can hear what sounds like an owl on the other side of the woods whoing. Five turkey vultures above head circle in and out for something only they see. I continue walking around seeing trees and bushes blooming green. Robins hide in the thick of briars and bush flitting anxiously from one log to another as I pass. Upon a new path is a thick bush with sunlight passing through it's circled openings. When I leave I spot a northern flicker searching the ground for food. The bathroom holds a few surprises of its own. There's a wasp sitting along the toilet lid who allows me to take him on a white carpet ride outside. He flies into the sunlit afternoon after a small pause. Ladybugs have filled the skylight in the bathroom as well as other spaces but I don't disturb them.


immature bald eagle

open wings thrust you
forward from limb, open air
immature bald eagle

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