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mourning doves

Two mourning doves sitting on the fence in front of my home. Sharing with Good Fences. If you can't hear the video's sound you'll need to pause the nature sounds playing in my sidebar first. Thanks for stopping by.


baby robin

Spotted this baby robin on my back deck the second weekend of May. I assume he or she had left its nest when I spotted it there. He even hung around my yard a few days to practice its flying. I so enjoyed watching him get around. Sharing this little guy with Wild Bird Wednesday. Happy Birding~



I wanted to say I'm behind on my commenting as of late. Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good and today my feed reader isn't coming up. I will be around as soon as my feed reader is up and running again. Hopefully by tonight I can comment some.

For today's plans... I will be doing some dishes and afterward I hope to go outside to weed eat and clean my feeders so I can refill them. The birds always seem to enjoy their feedings. I also hope to go to town and pick up some flowers to plant. I might also pick up some mulch to put around the flowers. Hopefully the neighbors dogs will stay away from my planted flowers. They've already destroyed some of my young trees. Hope everyone has a great day~


baby squirrel

I couldn't resist sharing this baby squirrel from a local fish hatchery... it was initially on the ground foraging when we came in to see the fish. I wasn't able to get a picture of him then but... on our way out we managed to see him again. This time I had the camera on the ready and handed it to my husband who then snapped this adorable shot. Isn't he a cutie?

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Sunday before last I went for a walk around my neighborhood and snapped several shots of these peonies. When I returned home I decided to grunge them up a bit... this was my end result. Hope everyone has a great weekend~


Good Fences

The smell of honeysuckle was prominent along this good fence (in front of my house) last week. I don't know what this white flower is but it was flowering alongside the honeysuckle, its blossoms smelled just as sweet. If anyone can identify this flower please leave its name in the comments below.


Red winged blackbird

This red winged blackbird was gracious enough to pose on a small cattail at our local nature preserve. I think he was flirting with the lady red wing flying around the pond's edge.

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