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Great Blue Heron nests

May 2012 a friend of mine took me and another friend to a place where she'd found eight great blue heron nests. The pictures shown are not taken at a nature preserve or a zoo. They are on someone's farm that my friend knew. We were able to walk all around taking pictures. Sometimes the great blue herons would stay in their nests and other times they took flight. But they always came back to their young. We were also able to see the young peaking out their tiny heads. What a great day...

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Cardinal in Flight

Here's another shot of mr. cardinal at the fence. He was perched on the post when... as pretty as you please... he took to flight just as I snapped my camera button. See him watching me? There's something about this photo that makes me smile even though I didn't capture the exact shot I was after. I'm sharing him over at Nature Notes today... hopefully he'll make everyone over there smile too.



Around 7:30 pm this cardinal and a female came to my bird feeder. He kept flitting around so I was able to capture different poses. Here's one of the photos I really liked from his shoot. I might share another one for Wild Bird Wednesday so don't forget to come back and see what other poses mr. cardinal shared...

Besides a male and female cardinal being at my bird feeder last night there was a mockingbird, red winged blackbird, mourning dove and two different sparrows. Yesterday morning I woke to find four goldfinches and three mourning doves at the back feeder. I think the mourning doves are a mother and her two babies.

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Random 5 Friday

1. Last Sunday a friend from church didn't have to work that day. She made it to church & bible study. We then had lunch together with her sister and my daughter. Later that afternoon I sat outside in the warm sun and wind listening to my new cd Devotions with Priscilla by Priscilla Shirer. I only made it through five tracks but they were very good. Looking forward to finishing the last seven tracks.

2. My husband and I had planned to go see Duck Hunter Shoots Angel tonight but I misplaced the tickets we had. I'm so bummed over this as I was looking forward to seeing this play. I'm sure they'll show up sometime. We'll just have to pick a different play to watch when they do...

3. Two white dogwoods and one of two washington hawthorn trees didn't make it. I'll be replacing them within the next month or so. Otherwise, all my young trees have blooms on them now. 

4. My young adult daughter has been fighting the stomach flu/ virus since yesterday evening. She's doing some better now but still needs rest, food & fluids.

5. Birds I've been spotting at my feeder and around my yard: goldfinches, grackles, starlings, red winged blackbird, cardinal, sparrows, robins & mockingbirds. What have you seen at your bird feeder lately?


Red Bellied Woodpecker

Spotted this red bellied woodpecker at our local nature preserve last week. He was foraging for food in a different area than the northern flicker. I think he's trying to listen to the click of my camera, don't you think? Happy Wild Bird Wednesday...


Purple Dead Nettle

Purple Dead Nettle is an invasive plant (weed) that's scrawled across fields here making for a beautiful scene as far as your eye can see. I spotted this one at the nature preserve last week. It's a herbaceous flowering plant whose flowers and leaves are edible. Purple dead nettle also attracts bees who take the nectar from its flowers for food. It can easily be mistaken for Henbit whose flowers and leaves are similar to those of the purple dead nettle.

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Sunday Sketches_bighorn sheep

The January 2014 issue of Popular Photography had a bighorn sheep on it's cover. He was the inspiration for Sunday Sketches. I tried to find a link for the cover photo but couldn't so I'm posting part of the cover below for comparison only...

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