Archery was one of four workshops I took at the bow retreat. Another twelve to fifteen people took the class learning how to handle the bow properly. When instruction was finished we took turns shooting targets. We shot first at the target you see in the picture and then at some balloons, a 3d groundhog and a bracelet. After we shot these targets we lined up in two lines. We were allowed to shoot one arrow at the target. Whoever shot closest was left standing to shoot again. We did this until only one was left standing. My winning shot is shown in the photo above. Besides shooting a Genesis bow we also got to try shooting a crossbow similar to the one Daryl uses in The Walking Dead series. 


Kay said...

I remembering enjoying archery in high school. I wasn't good at it, but I liked doing it. You're sure doing a lot of fun things.

Travis Cody said...

I remember really enjoying archery when we were exposed to it in Jr High and HS gym class. I've always thought it might be something neat to take up later in life.

I'm later in life now and I still think I might some day take a class.