hares in the box

downy fur pulls 'way
from small babes who lay
inside cool earth, so quiet.
small hares-in-box... LEAP
from a burrow deep-
their tiny eyes still closed tight.

Two weekends after Easter Sunday my husband was mowing our yard and found these adorable baby bunnies in their burrow. They were covered with some gray fur from their mother who stayed close by. When day turned to night momma bunny would return to feed and recover them. I remember it raining a lot during that time and worrying if they'd survive. But, they did... Several weeks later I took this photo of a remaining baby...


Kay said...

Oh my! What a cutie! I'm so glad they were able to survive.

gigihawaii said...

Cute little things. What will you do with them when they get older and bigger?

Kirigalpoththa said...

What you have found here?? Lovely captures!!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Love this fur filled poem. So sweet.


Geraldine said...

How interesting, what a "find" so nice they were ok too!

I have a July contest on, thought you and your readers might like to enter at:


Cheers, G

PS: I had a hard time commenting here before, wouldn't go through, glad it worked today. LOVE your new header btw.

Rambling Woods said...

My late friend was a wildlife rehabber and loves bunnies, I have a page up on the blog about dealing with bunnies. Basically if they are uninjured, just cover them up. Mom only visits to nurse them twice a day...Michelle

layers said...

How adorable and cute-- rabbits are my favorite animal.. I sometimes will see live one out in my gardens- but I mostly just have a few stone rabbits placed around in my gardens.