8:24 pm.
Kentucky's articulate sky
shares a profusion of
blue- grays and pink,
a coif for a copse of trees.
i download no stranger shade
of humming and voyage at art
with their deaths forever left away
their dead never crowd my moon
of meaningful mood and shroud.


Jenny Enochsson said...

Hi Michelle,

Beautiful poem accompanied by the dramatic photo. I love your use of the word “profusion”; it adds power both to the content and musicality. If I read this aloud I would put extra stress that word.

The whole text is so sensitively structured. One of the things that I always think about when I read your work is your amazing subtle intuition.

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely poem, especially the 'articulate sky'

Cynthia said...

Hi Michelle, a profound poem.
The last three lines are tremendous
and truly apply to life.

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful poem to share a spot with the beautiful photo. How I wish I could use words to describe what I see and feel, but I think my typing is a big handicap. That and lack of poetic talent.. LOL... Michelle

Jane Doe said...

Wonderful! I especially liked 'a coif for a copse of trees.' The poem went so well with the picture. The last three lines are incredibly powerful.



Meri said...

So tell me about this one and how it came together. To me, it doesn't feel as coherent and smooth as your usual work. Am I missing something?

desert rat said...

Beautiful poem, I love the way you combine words. I like the way the blue clouds are just lightly kissed by the frosting of pink in the photo.

Sharon said...

Magnificent photo! Lovely poem too, but I am more visual than intellectual, as you can tell from my blog...many photos, not so many words. We each have our own talents & I can tell that you have a special gift with words:)

lisaschaos said...

Beautiful clouds! Magical words!

Jeeves said...

Lovely words.....Enjoyed reading this

Red Bird said...

I loved this line..."a coif for a copse of trees." I'm big on alliteration...;)
And "their dead never crowd my moon"- wow, that's awesome!

lissa said...

great descriptions, has an eerie mood

Quiet Paths said...

Michelle, what a captivating photo and words to accompany. I love this color! It's one I look for all the time in nature and you've captured it! Wonderful.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Beautiful sky! Nice photo!!