I Remember Me

i search a book writ
upon my aging face-page,
wasting no memory.
I Remember Me
wasting no memory
upon my aging face-page,
i search a book writ.

My first attempt at a Naisaiku and
Written for Poetwist's Twitter word prompt: book.


lissa said...

nice...flipping through photos always has this sense of nostalgia

Andy Sewina said...

Hi Michelle, beautifully written, and thank you for posting to The NaiSaiKu Challenge?

Caroline Gill said...

Michelle, I followed in your e-footsteps to CGP's blog today.

Now here I am enjoying your NaiSaiKu. You may be interested to read about Marc's folding mirror poetry, too - and here. There is an overlap with the NaiSaiKu, but there are differences as well.

Quiet Paths said...

Very cool! I've never tried these... must attempt sometime.

zoya gautam said...

I Remember Me ~ is beautiful - so is ur naisaiku ..

Greyscale Territory said...

There is a real sense of holding open the pages of a sacred book! Lovely feel to this one!

christine said...

Interesting form, new to me. you always come up with great forms, Michelle. I really like the 'aging face page' image.