Car Fire

I had readied myself for bed when I heard a commotion on the highway. A police car's siren was sounding the night. Blue lights whorled cool air into a frenzy. When I went through my house I could hear more sirens, these belonged to a firetruck and an ambulance.

A little after 11 p.m. my dog and I walked cloaked in darkness to the stop sign just below our house. When we reached the stop sign I saw puffs of black smoke billowing from a gray car.

I turn to see another police car squeeze his way past 13 cars like a pimple from viable skin. He promptly began urging traffic through. As cars moved along in opposite lane a man got back into his truck and backed to where I was standing with my dog.

I said, "Tell me no one was hurt that they all got out safely." He told me that it was only a car fire not a wreck and that three people were standing outside, safely, when emergency vehicles arrived.

Relieved, I walk back home beneath a slight moon and an air that's honeysuckle thick.


Wendy said...

I've been to two blogs in the last week that talk about car fires. What is it with all these cars catching on fire? And in my town two big pieces of machinery have caught on fire -- a bulldozer and a harvester. May is not a good month for vehicles!

By the way, feeding your fish is totally addictive.

poeticgrin said...

"like a pimple from viable skin" = great! :) That's a line I'm jealous of.

christine said...

Descriptive writing, Michelle. I'm glad everyone escaped unharmed, and that Mateo got his walk too.

Shawna said...

"Like a pimple from viable skin"

My, my isn't that just an image though!

Quiet Paths said...

It is disturbing to wonder right before bed what all the commotion is about down the road. This says it so well. You have some very sit up straight kind of images here!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Well done and effective writing! And it all turned out okay, except for the burned vehicle, of course.