prayer flag

beneficent vibrations on nature’s breath
sidles across countryside, the hour of sun.
vivid color dries on winter’s shoulder
where prayer approaches their tongue.

their words filter out, warm, into cold air
and continues to smolder
where prayer approaches their tongue,
vivid color dries on winter’s shoulder.

their invocations aren’t bottled
inside mother nature’s deflated lung.
vivid color dries on winter’s shoulder
where prayer approaches their tongue.

a smooth picture captures the essence;
a brief moment, of something bolder.
where prayer approaches their tongue
vivid color dries on winter’s shoulder.


paisley said...

michelle,, i haven't had time to work on this yet,, but i wanted to sign up for comments and let you know i love your new header!!! i is perfect,, so you so cool....

Lancelot said...

i definitely noticed it, and loved it immediately.

I'm not sure (for lack of an example) if this is what you're going for, but here goes nothing:

The Grip of a Shove

watermaid said...

I noticed the header and meant to comment on it earlier in the week.

deathsweep said...

This was fun, a little hard to get at first but with the help of a friend think I got it....Thanks to You! - learning day by day


mariacristina said...

Michelle, your header looks like a page from an artist's journal - lovely. i noticed it right away, and meant to tell you, but I must have gotten caught upin something else on the site.

watermaid said...

Here, belatedly, is my mirrored refrain which also uses the three words for 3WW. the warden's daughter

Scott Clawson said...

Hello Michelle, I went back through your blog to find prompts I missed and decided to try this one first, thanks for posting it, it was a thrill to write. I call it:
Arise, Crusader