Yesterday I didn't post my 30 Days Wild because I didn't return from the Cincinnati Museum and a visit with a second friend until late last night. The first half of my day began with a friend and I sharing time at the Bug Fest in Cincinnati, OH. We had a nice time even though it wasn't what I'd expected. Mostly dead bugs on display. I was hoping for live bugs to watch and handle, if possible. But, I did get two packets of wildflowers to plant which will attract butterflies. I also got to pet a hissing coach roach. Maybe I'll share the very brief video of me petting it in another posting.

Upon my return to town I went shopping with a friend from church. We had a great time. I bought some new shorts, a pair of earrings and a necklace that I would consider out of my comfort zone. It's rather big and has colorful beads.

My pic for yesterday's 30 Days Wild is an image of what I believe to be a baby robin. It was rather warm outside June 3rd as you can well imagine with this robin's open beak.  Isn't it adorable? A few seconds after this shot was taken the robin found a worm. 

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