in evening's garden

in evening's garden
                a cardinal sits
perched on a twig
               the night's moon
a poultice on her back...


Artsy said...

Hi there! mmm haiku. Love the layered atmospheric cardinal red photo that accompanies it. (BTW I was able to fix a default setting on my comments. You do NOT need to "sign in to typepad" to comment on my blog anymore. I don't know why it was made a default.I NEVEr required that for moderation and would prefer you did NOT sign in." :)Happy Valentine's Day!

Artsy said...

I forgot to mention, please use the typepad link, not the blog link that I had to sign the comment with, so it's GEL (not "Artsy), and my link is in comment above you.

Geraldine said...

Oh how wonderful! I loved this poem.

Love your new header too. ;-)

Caroline Gill said...

Naquillity, I'm nominating you for a Lighthouse blog award. You can read about it here. Please feel free to accept it if you so choose.