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2013. Can't believe it's already a new year and with said new year comes new resolutions...

My cardio rehab ends in three sessions (Friday of this week). So, my first resolution is to continue my three day exercising at home while adding two more days to the mix.

My savings account continued to grow through years end so that I met my goal of $1,000. It's my hope to continue saving toward another $1,000 by years end 2013. My couponing has saved me money on my groceries enough that I would like to explore other ways to save more money. One way I would like to explore is canning my vegetables so that I'm not buying them every time I go grocery shopping. I'd also like to explore sewing some reusable shopping bags. Turns out Target, Whole Foods & Krogers gives you a $0.03- $0.10 discount per bag at checkout. What's not to like about this deal?? You not only save money but help the environment too.

Growing in my spiritual journey I've taken time to learn 8 biblical verses. It's my hope to continue reading and learn more verses throughout the new year.

Last year I started sewing on two quilts and would like to finish both by the end of 2013.

My biggest crutch last year was eating out WAY TO MUCH... I'd like to curb that habit and eat at home more. Learn new recipes for supper.

In the past year I've been writing and creating more photographic art. I'd like to multiply these efforts in 2013.

And last but not least... Since I'll be at home more I'd like to begin blogging again. Starting with this post and continuing with 5 to 15 posts per month... more, if possible.

Hope everyone's new year is a blessed one. Here's to meeting your resolutions one day at a time... Happy New Year~

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