a morning haze

a morning haze dyes
the surrounding lawn, white-
i'll grow in its silence
as the fog dehydrates
from a rising sun.
i'll see well tanned teasel shelving
its sleepy head along a barbed wire fence.
i'll hear chunter
between a robin and her three young
who are nestled
safely in a gutter's nest...
verdant grass will give way
to a blue horizon.


Caroline Gill said...

Tranquillity itself! Utterly beautiful and so evocative. I can almost feel that haze ...

I am reminded of Wordsworth's description of his writing as "Emotion recollected in tranquillity".

Naquillity said...

thanks Caroline~ i wrote this one day when the fog was so thick i couldn't see the field in front of my house. i also added some other images that i'd seen during the week... hope all is well your way. have a great day~

Al said...

A nice poem. We've got a haze here today but it's less pleasant - it's from the wildfires, and it smells like it. I hope you're doing well, everything's fine here.

Naquillity said...

hope the wildfires stay away from your home... stay safe.

Travis Cody said...

"...as the fog dehydrates..."

Very nice and creative turn of phrase.

Naquillity said...

thanks Travis~