Lift Off

a winter day
two turkey vultures
lift off


Bill said...

Turkey vultures are wonderful. Despite their near ghastly looks they serve an important ecological function. Utilization of carrion and processing it to return the remains to earth is part of natures wonderful cycle.

Your words are very powerful from this readers view point. Thank you.

CountryDreaming said...

Being able to see the wing patches adds a real nice touch to this poetic image.

Kay said...

Beautiful. Perfect!

Quiet Paths said...

O boy, this is a great shot. Wowzers!

sandy said...

Are you ever getting some good shots lately. Don't tell me this is that same tree.

Naquillity said...

sandy lol, it's actually a different tree about two miles from my house. i have another shot of five vultures in that same tree but they're not lifting off as these two did.

thanks to everyone who's taken the time to comment during my absence. i've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's kind words. it's been very uplifting.

Mary said... really caught them at the perfect moment! Great shot!

Deb said...

I love vultures, and this a fantastic photo, and haiku. Adore the wings, one down, one up. The action, the separation of the primaries. Love. It.




Kateri said...

That is an amazing photo!