Yesterday my daughter and I went riding around on country roads we'd never been on before. We saw turkey vultures in freshly cut fields and a red fox in another field which was grown up. We saw sunflowers growing in gardens and alongside a stream. Some were healthy and others were weak, dying.

We foraged through ashes and found small treasures waiting for our prying hands to deliver them from the blackness. We found a clear Christmas bulb and a charred hand- a broken statue of sorts. We're left to wonder why some things are treasured and others are burned, forgotten.

Yesterday I was reminded of how precious each of you are. How your comments make my day a little brighter and make me :) Thank you all for being close by when I've needed a friend. Thank you for being patient when I've been restless. You've all carried me through without complaint and I wanted to let you know I appreciated everything.

Yesterday I read that Paul Squires (a blogger & poet) died July 28th at the age of 46. Though I didn't know him as well as some of you it struck me quite hard. He was to young to die. His death made me realize that blogging can be fun and sad at once. The journey each of you take me on makes my heart swell and the thought of losing another blogging friend is almost to much to bare. To each of my blogging friends... take care.

Paul... may your next journey be as great as the one you left behind. Rest in peace.


katiebird said...

I'm so sorry about your blogger friend. That must be so shocking.

chasity said...

beautifully written.
it's a wise thing to consider our own mortality now and hard as that may be.

driving the backroads is one of my favorite things to do.
love the beautiful old barn you found.

Julia Smith said...

I didn't know Paul but news of his death also hit me as I saw it spread through Blogland. So many people we've met online, so many lives we touch.

It makes me cherish you all the more.

Kat Mortensen said...

Lovely words of tribute, acknowledgement and reflection. I don't think I know Paul, but as part of our community, I feel a pang, nonetheless.

Thanks for being my friend, Naquillity.


Kat Mortensen said...

I followed the link and looked at his book on Lulu and it is truly a great loss; his words touched my heart immediately.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read about his death on Juliet's blog, but didn't know him. So sad.

Why do your black and whites look so good, and mine so crummy?

Carver said...

That's a wonderful photograph of the barn and sounds like a fun excursion with your daughter.

I'm sorry about your blogging friend. That is very sad.

Take care, Carver

TC said...

I love drives down a back-country road. Takes me home - even in states that aren't my own.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Travis Cody said...

I didn't know the gentleman, and I don't believe I have ever read his blog.

Your sentiment is very touching.

Gabrielle Bryden said...

He will be greatly missed :(

one more believer said...

there is nothing like going for a ride and taking pixz of old barns............ isn't that the best... a great post... i was definitely hit broadside when i learned of paul's passing... he has such a presence in the blog community... great poet and friend... always a good word of encouragement and a wonderful sense of humor... all i can think of is missed opportunities... yes, i had the same thoughts of contemplation....

Bone said...

We're left to wonder why some things are treasured and others are burned, forgotten.

It was all beautiful written, but that line sort of tied it all together for me.

Sorry about your blogging friend.