Mourning willow
Your tepid tears
Stain the earth
While tranquil clouds
Pass the threadbare field
Bestowing nature's sunlight
Upon your
Familiar weeping skin
Unburden your salty leaves
Evermore bathed in
Friendless sanction
A solitary forest
Without foreign tongued dialect
Playing on the edge of weighted consciousness
A season in repose.

My poem is an old one made from an online magnetic poetry kit. The willow/ pond is something I pass on my way to town. The picture and poem were borrowed from my first blog in order to share an update about the willow.

About a week and a half ago we had a severe storm pass through. It wasn't until the next day that hubby went to work and seen the willow had been felled by a lightning strike or blown by heavy winds.  


Kat Mortensen said...

How very tragic! It is devastating to see what nature can do and undo. Such a shame. It is wonderful that your poem lives on to commemorate what it once was.


Michelle Johnson said...

thanks Kat for your comment. i think it's sad too how nature can do and undo. i loved that willow. it looks so pitiful laying there in the water now.