Sorry for my long absence and poor commenting. I've recently spent time with family & friends. I've gone to see the movies: Eclipse, Avatar The Last Airbender, Predators and Grown Ups. Grown Ups had some funny moments in it but wasn't worth going to see in my opinion. The other movies were excellent. Adrien Brody was incredible in his lead role for Predators. If they make another Predators movie I'd like to see him come back to the role.

My husband & I attended a picnic at the lake with some friends & new faces. It was most enjoyable. The next picnic is scheduled for tomorrow but I don't know if I'll be able to make it as I'd planned earlier because my sore throat has turned into cold symptoms. I feel extremely run down.

For those who don't know, my cat has been diagnosed with diabetes and I have to give an insulin shot to him every morning. It breaks my heart to see him go through this but at least he's able to be with us due to giving those shots.

I've also been attending my photography club meetings and my Photoshop Elements classes.  I'm learning the basics of PSE. Thursday night I started organizing my photos in PSE's organizer and found the organization it allows for my photos is great. I'll never go unorganized again.

Almost forgot, last Sunday my daughter and I went to an abandoned house and a nature preserve where I was able to get some new pictures. I'll try to share some of them in the coming days.

I'll be making some commenting rounds today and tomorrow to get me on solid grounding again. From there I hope to stay on track. Hope everyone has been well. Have a great day.


Al said...

Welcome back. Sometimes blogging hast to take a back seat for real life!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Welcome back :)

Julia Smith said...

Sorry to hear about your cat, but I'm glad it's treatable. It's worth it for more time together.

Kateri said...

Welcome back! I hope you will be feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing the new photos!

anthonynorth said...

Yes, life can take over. Good to have you back, though.

TC said...

That's a lot of movies!

I want to see Eclipse, but can't find anyone to go with me :(