an anomaly
sits alongside the pond's edge
turtle head rock... found.

My husband found this anomaly pondside at a nature preserve one evening. He thought it might be a good photo opportunity for me to share. I tried to take creative shots of this rock but nothing satisfied me and in the end I settled for ordinary. What do you think it looks like?

Also, this past Sunday my daughter and I went hiking (we came back a sight muddier than we'd planned for) when we came upon a turtle in the road. He was poised for a journey across the back road behind our house. After taking a few pictures my daughter gently picked him up and returned him to the weeds. Safe from injury, we drove away.

back road soldier braves
enemy fire, early morn'
a sunday recruit.


Christina said...

if he isn't the cutest. : )

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the Haiku and the chuckle after viewing the photo- love the turtle shots too... now I want one.

Anonymous said...

love the haiku. the rock looks very prehistoric pterodactyl fossil -esque. :) and i've been trying to identify that turtle. think its a terrapene carolina. :) i love the name.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

It looks Egyptian to me. :D Or a hat that would have been worn at court centuries ago.

Beautiful photos. Jeff and I saw a turtle yesterday. How fun to see life again after a long winter.

Great post, dear!!! You have a beautiful caring daughter, just like her mother. :D

Hugs, JJ

Poetikat said...

The fossilized head of a pteradactyl.
Cool find!


one more believer said...

that rock can be so many different things i saw an eagle when i first looked then i saw a bear looking into the water...amazing how clear the foto is the designs are crisp... enjoyed the poetry, fotos and story format of each post... it is good to be able to read them again... thank you and pray all is well with you over there... in texas they have snapping turtles gotta watch out for those... usually road kill sorry to say...

Kateri said...

So cool of your husband to bring a neat rock home!

angie said...

I love that rock -- it looks like a snapping turtle head to me.

I really like the textures in your second turtle photo, too. the way the road echoes the turtle's shell.
beautiful shots!


lisaschaos said...

It DOES look like a turtle head!!