feelin' squirrelly

two squirrels playing
at nature preserve last night
a game of hopscotch.


lissa said...

cute! here in new york, I keep seeing squirrels running in the park

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh lovely, I love watching squirrels, they have so much character

Greyscale Territory said...

This is the closest I have ever been to squirrels at play! Really cute!

And thanks for letting me know that my smiling figure was a weather clown! I have never seen them!

I found you on Twitter!

Quiet Paths said...

Very cute, very fun!

gardenpath said...

I saw one yesterday, but it was just poking around.
Your frog shots on flickr are fantastic!

Naquillity said...

lissa yes, they're very cute little creatures and i bet they like to beg at the parks you see them at, don't they?

Crafty i couldn't agree more about them having a lot of character.

greyscale i'm glad i was able to share my squirrel siting with you since you've never been up close to one. equally pleased you found me on twitter. that message i left you ended up on my profile instead of yours so the wibiya bar only controls our own messages, i guess. i'll add you to my twitter friends.

quiet paths yes, very cute and fun. i always enjoy watching them. we have a tree across from our house that usually houses a couple. they jump around a lot.

gardenpath maybe next time your squirrel will put on a show for you, grin. those were my favorite frog pictures too. i'm pleased you liked them. i'll have to go back and get more pics someday.

thanks to everyone for stopping by. hope you're having a great night.

Short Poems said...

A pleasant poem to read and very cute :)

Marinela x

Short Poems

Naquillity said...

short poems good morning~ sorry for my late reply. i've been having computer issues. welcome to Naquillity. hope you enjoyed your stay.