Female Cardinal

Last Monday I came across a picture in our local paper of a female cardinal. I'd found it while waiting for my daughter to finish at the doctor's office.  I'd been working on my first poem- the first in a long while- so I already had a pen and paper in my hand.  Inspired I began to draw the cardinal. I had barely closed the outline when my daughter emerged from the office.

Today my computer had issues so I picked up the pen and paper to add finishing touches to my cardinal. Pleased as I am with the outcome I think the cardinal needs more feather detail and plastic surgery on its beak. I guess that's to be expected from someone who has no art training in their background.

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Gel said...

Hey sweetie,
Very nice rendering! I teach creativity workshops,(and am even thinking of doing so online) not art experience necessary for the student. The desire to explore and the openness to tap one's creative side are all that is necessary. Although, I'm an artist by profession (among others in my lifetime), many of us are self-taught in loads of areas. Look at the wonderful writing on so many blogs by "unpublished authors." Glad you took the opportunity to try! Looking forward to seeing more. Did you like to draw when you were younger, as in before having children?

What you have there is known as a contour drawing, commonly called an "outline." Drawings do not need to be perfect from the start. That's what an eraser is for! you certainly got the feel of the bird and it's recognizable as a cardinal without telling us. Keep enjoying seeing the world around you and I hope you continue to try your hand at sketching.