Hormonal Winter

a winter- chilled yesternight
wined the vitreous trees
once-stark below the
lank skies ceiling
and found morning limpid
with a lacquered white varnish.

The above was written from an online magnetic poetry kit. I thought it fit my picture well and whose view is from my front porch. We've received 5 1/2- 6 inches of ice/ snow in the last two days and I'm hearing we are due to get more.


Meri said...

This makes me inclined to go downstairs and gather the poetry magnets off the filing cabinet I used to have in my office when I was practicing law. Problem is that nothing sticks to the fancy fronts of my appliances. Hmmm......

m said...

white varnish - fits that winter weather, just like what we are having here as well but not so much snow

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Michelle, I understand your wanting to write more. I am always trying to catch up so I know what is like.
This is a lovely photo and poem. They fit each others starkness. Well done my friend.


watermaid said...

I think your poem images the photo perfectly. Good to see you getting more poems out there. :)