bleeding the sky blue-gray
to gray-white morning
a cacophony of raindrops
thrash on the back deck.
my eyes seek an unobstructed
view of the rain-
a moth seeking shelter
from the cold, vindictive drops
pelting her spotted brown wings.
time continues to tick
in an effortless circle
as my eyes tock upon
fifteen blackbirds
lined across a tightrope.
they flap away the cold
my hands hold
as I reach to
close the door.

3ww words are in bold.


ThomG said...

Tightly constructed and very lyrical. I like this very much.

TC said...

Very descriptive, Michelle. And timely too, as I think the entire country has gotten some rain yesterday and this morning :)

Tumblewords: said...

Great imagery. Love the tightroped blackbirds.

Angel said...

I can certainly relate to this one today. We've had rain all day long! We needed it though so I shouldn't complain too much.

Very nice poem.

Just someone said...

Wow! that just flows so well:)
great work!

Melody said...

"time continues to ticks as my eyes tock..."
I love the words and how they all flow with such rhythm.

TD said...

Enjoyable poem. I specifically liked the lines 'time continues to tick / in an effortless circle / as my eyes tock upon / fifteen blackbirds'. The use of tick and tock as you used them caught my attention.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Beautiful. I can see your imagery clearly, it is so well done.

anthonynorth said...

You drew pictures with this one. Excellent.

Bryan said...

I love the poetry you pull from nature. I get caught up in so much and pulled from this natural beauty often. Thanks for reminding me of it today.

lissa said...

I like it, especially the beginnings, I like that it's a moment that uses many elements but stay within a frame, I think moments like these when one pause to see how small events can make you think, even for a few seconds