She dozes into Adithia
On the red eye,
On the wings of strange glyphs.
Parting clouds and two birds
Give way
To Kokopelli’s flute.

Mother wants to open baby’s eyes
And fly into the keyhole of her dreams
So she can walk with her newborn
Across this pillowed dreamland
Until the sun’s rays, thick as a lion’s mane,
Tickle Ada’s feet.

This poem was written in response to Rick Mobbs artwork pictured above. To check out more of his work follow this link.


rick said...

Oh, this is beautiful, Michelle. I'll send it to Naomi. She'll love it, too.

susan said...

I know very little about visual arts but I am drawn to what you present here.

And I'd like to share with you and the community:

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christine said...

Lovely poem, Michelle. Rick is a fabulous painter. I really like the image of the mother wanting to enter the baby's dreams. You enter the mythological element of the painting quite well.

still said...

Very old and very modern at the same time.