by Michelle and Lissa

I never spoke
Of you
As lover, there,
In the corner of my life,
So close to me.

Time slowly erased my days
But I never forgot,
Not in the split seconds of solitude,
Not in the parenthesis of gray insomnia
Did I once regret you,
Inside, there

Now, you’re a fissure
I never erased.
I would dream of someone
Who was never in my hand
Until the universe tilted my life.
Before I ever thought of
Never speaking
Of you.

My poem was written for Read, Write, Poems prompt #41 using words from Lissa's skeleton poem. Her skeleton poem is below.

Lissa's Skeleton Poem

I never _____
of you
as _____ there
in the corner of my life
so close to me

time slowly _____ my days
but I never _____
not in the split seconds of solitude
not in the _____ of _____ insomnia
did I once _____ of you
_____ there

now you’re _____
I never _____
I would _____ someone
who _____ never in _____ _____
until the _____ _____ of _____ life
_____ I ever _____ of
never _____
of you


one more believer said...

it is good to see your writing...a reflection of who you are in tiny bits and pieces...a beautiful poem michelle... thank you..

Cynthia said...

I agree with OneMore, it's good to
get a reflection of more of who
you are Michelle through your
poetry, I don't get to read much
of your poetry.

And an added {yikes} bonus of
reading something by two of my
favorite ladies of the blogsphere!

Scott Clawson said...

Breathlessly longing to speak, to touch, to feel and yet never doing so, agoninzing years later over what may have been. That's the feeling I got while reading your poem. Great job, thanks for sharing it. :-)

cordieb said...

I really like this collaboration; The result was very touching and poetic.

Quiet Paths said...

There are so many lines here which speak to me; split seconds of solitude - for one. Great ideas and delivery...