I'm destined to walk the outcroppings,
The recessive threads of life,
Where the underbelly is cool.

Breaking the slit perimeter
I allow its throated winds where
I'm destined to walk the outcroppings.

I edge forward, infinite chaos,
Intertwined with
The recessive threads of life.

I balance in that moment,
That perimeter,
Where the underbelly is cool.


Lirone said...

Here's a rather loosely cascade structured poem based around the friday five... pickpocket time

deathsweep said...

Here is my attempt at this poem structure...

"Going once, going twice..."

Bryan Borland said...

Wow. This poem wrote itself. How fun. This is a style I'll return to. Thanks!

Cynthia said...

Hello Michelle,

Thanks for introducing me,{ all of
your readers, actually} to a lovely
poetry form.

My offer ~ Waiting for Redemption. do you get the link to turn blue, so reader may click on?