gold, sapphire, ruby
glint from Llesenia’s
glossy mask before she
grazes upturned hair with
gentle touch. Her folded
green eyes dream of catching
graceful butterfly wings.

wandering tales foretold
with her fortune read on
wings of butterfly. She’s
waiting for Pegasus,
willing his arrival.
wheel of caravan heard
water is splashing, fresh.

fretted laughter coming
from traveling gypsies
forced Llesenia come
forth. She drank their water
feeling an attachment,
fetter, alongside her
featured wrists and ankles.

at Mt Helicon she
abruptly woke, tired,
alone. There she did hear
all three gypsies gather
along the Hippocrene.
a Pegasus stood, lone,
allowing her escape.


Naquillity said...

paisley said...

michelle the poem is lovely,, and i see you chose to work with the pleiades form,, which i really enjoyed working with too... i am sorry i cannot participate this week.. i just cannot do anything to bring glory to someone who's work is more precious to them monetarily than it is as an artful expression....

i can reproduce a monet,, a renoir,, a dahli, and use them as inspiration for my words....surely someone has an over inflated view of themselves.. and i do take a stand against encouraging bad behavior....

Naquillity said...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I understand, Paisley. Don't worry about it. I will try to post pictures from now on. Thanks for your honesty.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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