Ibidem (In the Same Place)

Roan horse and foal
Incept the imbricated clouds,
Their umber eyes gleaming.

Running against fluvial wind
An intonation of neighing ensued
Amidst the seriated oaks,
Rooted in a senescent field.

Somewhere between the grassy sinews
And toaster-aged trees a philly grew
Grazing in this matrix of idleness.

Imminent was mother's
Inanition. Her death
Imposed nature's cruelty,
Into his watchful eyes.
Incessant neighing was
Intertwined with snorting
In absentia of... her.

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Naquillity said...

paisley said...

oh michelle,,, that was so beautifully written,,, i feel so sad for him,, poor baby...

i loved the line about the toaster-aged trees.. that was some good writing there!!!! bravo!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Anonymous Christine said...

Nice pleiades at the end. A nice way to end the poem, although sad.

I liked the image of umber eyes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Anonymous Bj. deCastro said...

One of the most enjoyable experiences for me as an artist is to watch, listen and read about how my work has affected a viewer. Now this...is a lovely twist on that and when Michelle emailed me for permission to use one of my peices, I was honored. Thank you for selecting my artwork. Sincerely, Bj. deCastro

Friday, November 02, 2007

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