eastern cottontail

This morning I had a visit from two eastern cottontail (sylvilagus floridanus) and couldn't resist sharing them with you. If you look closely at the slideshow you can also see my young pin oak growing. Sharing with Nature Notes...

shakin' tailfeathers


This past Monday it rained .14" here. When I looked outside I spotted this rain bedraggled robin on my porch shakin' her tailfeathers and preening herself. I couldn't resist filming her actions. The video was taken with my cell phone and worked up in a video app called videoshow. Hope you enjoy. Happy Saturday~

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During my walk Wednesday I took wildflower pictures that thrive along my route. Each one was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cell phone. Shown from the beginning: dog roses (rosa canina), tall bellflower (campanula americana), common morning glory (ipomoea purpurea),  needs identification, common milkweed (asclepias syriaca) and trumpet vine (campsis radicans). If anyone knows the name of the flower in the fifth pic please comment below.